Nothing Phone, which is very popular in the news these days, is interesting

I think everyone will be interested in the Nothing Phone, which is in the news a lot these days, so I will tell you what you need to know about the Nothing Phone. From Nothing, the design part of the phone has been officially described. The phone is rectangular, and the Power Button and Volume Key syntax are similar to the iPhone. It looks like the iPhone 12 has a transparent back cover. According to a video that came on the Internet, there are white lights around the camera on the back of the Nothing Phone and around the wireless charging. Gen 1, 45W Fast Charging

Why is it famous? Carl Pei, the CEO of OnePlus, who was able to lead One Plus in the past, is the one who will release the Nothing Phone. He may be very hyped because he will release another phone brand. The next one may be because Nothing OS is based on Android. When will the sale begin? The Nothing Phone will be introduced on July 12. The price and launch date can only be announced after the launch of the phone. Nothing x Stock X has collaborated and then in the middle of June, the first 100 units of the limited edition will be sold.

The Nothing Phone is a newly released phone that almost everyone is interested in. The Nothing phone is currently in the hands of users, and it is said that they are facing some display problems. The first problem is the green tint problem. Some parts of the display have a green tint. I have to say that another problem I am facing is the problem of black spots appearing on the display around the punch hole camera. Nothing has been officially released about these two display problems.