Naturally Photography tips with the theme of night beauty

“Naturally, “Night beauty” with the title of photography tips, Low-Light Photography Workshop powered by realme 9 will be held on June 4th. From realme Myanmar, “Naturally, 2022, the Low-Light Photography Workshop powered by realme 9, led by photographer Ko Kyaw Kyaw Win, will discuss photography tips with the title “Night Beauty”. June (4th) It was held at Lotte-Hotel, Sapphire Ballroom.

The event was organized by Tech Media, Tech Vloggers, and Realme Myanmar’s photography enthusiasts R-Fans who love the art of photography with their phones attended the event. At the Low-Light Photography Workshop event, photographer Ko Kyaw Kyaw Win showed street photography photos taken with the realme 9 camera with 108 MP. The basic skills needed in photography were discussed and shared. Realme 9 has Samsung’s HM6 Image Sensor specially installed, making the light absorption power up to 123 percent stronger. The HM6 Image Sensor included in realme 9 uses Nonapixel Plus technology, which has the advantage of 9-sum Pixel Binning to achieve sufficient light intensity and create clearer images.

Noise, which is the main obstacle to a photo, will also be reduced to a minimum. Realme Myanmar’s Head of Brand Marketing, Mr. Ko Wa Yeo Aung explained about realme 9, which includes a professional 108MP camera type to achieve better image and exposure along with new features in photography. The director of Techviews. pro, a tech media page, showing the Street Photography Mode photos taken by himself with the realme 9 camera. In addition, R-Fan Hlaing Win, a true supporter of realme smartphones, told us about his feelings about realme when he tested and created the beauty of the environment with the realme 9 camera. Hlaing Win, an R-Fan who took street photography with realme 9, said, “Thank you to Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Win for his guidance and suggestions in this workshop, which are very helpful for enthusiasts like us.

I believe we will have better shooting experiences going forward. Many thanks to realme for making this event possible,” he said. After sharing basic photography skills with experts from various fields, realme Myanmar’s R-Fans, photography enthusiasts, use realme 9 as shown by the teacher Kyaw Kyaw Win to create instant photos together. Realme 9 will be launched on June 7th, with a professional 108 MP camera that will create better light and clearer images.