Theza Win Kyaw and model Nan Mue San were brought to court

According to sources close to the court, movie star Theza Win Kyaw and model Nan Mue San were arraigned on Section 33(a) in Ma Mangone and North Dagon Township Courts on the morning of September 14. A lawyer said that movie and video actor The za Win Kyaw was remanded to court under Section 33(a) of the Electronic Act this morning at Maungone Township Court. “He and Nan Mue San were brought to court, Next week’s trial will be held in Insein prison. Now it’s a lawsuit.

Similarly, at the North Dagon Township Court, model Nan Mue San was arraigned this morning under Section 33(a) of the Electronic Law, a Shene told DVB. “The interrogation must have taken place after the war. In other words, he came to take the remand. After that, I think I will fight in Insein prison.” An artist who did not want to be named told DVB that the two artists, The za Win Kyaw and Nan Mue San, were arrested because they did not stand by the military council. “There are a lot of social networks asking for money to catch friends. It is obvious that the army did not support them and arrested them.”

Actor and actress Thea Za Win Kyaw and sexy model Nan Mue San were accused by the Military Council of distributing suggestive photos and videos on social networks that harm the culture of Burmese women. On July 6th, actress Thea Za Win Kyaw was detained by the Military Council after visiting the headquarters of the Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) Wan Hai and filming a video for local development. Section 33(a) of the Electronic Communications Law, which has recently been prosecuted by the Military Council, is punishable by up to 7 years in prison.

When asked by the BBC about the circumstances surrounding the appearance of actor Thinza Win Kyaw, family members refused to answer. As for model Nang Mue San, who was arrested on the same day as actor Thin Za Win Kyaw, family members close to her say that because she was arrested in North Dagon Township, which is a martial law area, she was not allowed to call a lawyer and did not know the status of her trial. It has been almost two months since I was arrested. He has been in Insein prison for more than a month now. He has not been allowed to call a lawyer, so we cannot be sure of the situation,” a person close to the family of model Nan Mue San told the BBC. According to people close to the court, actor Nang Mue San will also be arraigned within the next week. The attorneys said that Section 33 (A) of the Electronic Law, which accuses actor Thinza Win Kyaw and model Nang Mue San ko, is a section punishable by up to seven (7) years in prison if convicted.