How to fix computer myanmar font error

In a browser? On the desktop? Microsoft app? Computer system? Do you include Myanmar Zawgyi font and Unicode font? Aren’t you brave yet? Type Fonts in the Run box. There you will find all the fonts you need or do not need on the machine, as well as the ones that others have installed. Is the Zawgyi font dim?

Then right-click Click Show. Look back Is the sweetness gone? Have you installed Zawgyi Keyboard? Have you installed the zawgyi keyboard under Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Language?

Set English (US) on the input default keyboard. Otherwise, it will look exactly like Myanmar. If not in Chrome browser, enter chrome setting. Type fonts in the search settings. Choose all zawgyi In Firefox, go to Options; In the Find in options, type font and select zawgyi.

If not, set the shortcut key to Unicode in Advanced under Language. If you have not done all of the above, there is software that can convert Myanmar text to Burmese. Type Myanmar font in the FB Search box and download and use it.