The obvious advantage of type c USB

If you are buying a phone these days, you will only find USB Type C. USB Type C is not only used as a charging port, but some phones only have a Type C port with the audio port hidden. There are no more holes in the phone, just a Type C port, and other functions.

Historically, the first USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector was introduced in 1996 as USB Type A (Serial A and B) on laptops or PCs of that era. In the year 2000, the Micro A-B USB port was introduced with USB 2.0. USB Type C has been around since 2014.

USB 3.1 is available as Type C, at 10 Gbps (bits per second); Up to 1 Gbps (Bytes per second). The USB Type C connector supports 5 Gbps with a USB 3.0 port and 480 Mb with USB 2.0.

The Type C connector, coupled with Thunderbolt, offers data transfer speeds of just over 40 Gbps, so you can transfer as much video as you want. It comes with, so you can buy and use whatever you like.