Useful tips you should know

Here are some tech hacks to keep in mind when it comes to simplifying your day-to-day activities. You can also set a timer from Google. Go to Google and type “Set Timer (x) Minutes” in the search bar.

If you accidentally close any open tabs when using your computer or browser, you can reopen them using the shortcut [Ctrl + Shift + T]. If your phone’s battery is really low and you still need to use it, just turn it on and off in “Airplane Mode” without turning it off. lets you send messages to yourself in the future.

If your computer has blocked sites like YouTube, you can access it from Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode. If your phone runs out of power while you’re at the hotel, don’t forget that TVs have USB plug-ins. Charging iPhones with iPad Charger is faster. After downloading a “PDF” file, if you see the extension, delete the file.

To download a video from YouTube, visit www. Type “ss” between the YouTube Video URL, and you’re good to go. Storing batteries in the refrigerator doubles battery life. Use your browser’s Incognito Mode to purchase the cheapest airline tickets online. If you visit a site many times, the prices will go up.

Use instead of to find information for school essays. He will give you more information. If you also set your phone to vibrate mode at home, you can go to Google, sign up for a Google Account, and go to Google Play> Android Device Manager> “Ring”.