Google play store requires app bundles

Google launched app bundles two years ago. The developer allows the app to be broken down into components. So when downloading from the Play Store, you can only select the required components for your phone or tablet, reducing the file size. Internet data is cheaper and less time-consuming.

Components are packaged in bundles, and the ability to select only what you need allows you to reduce the size of the app download file. Google has now made it a requirement to upload new apps in bundles to the Play Store. The Android Developers YouTube channel has posted a video titled “What’s new in Google Play”. This provision will take effect in 2021.

Because app bundles are a back-end delivery technology, users of the Play Store may not know whether they are simple app bundles or not. You will notice that the file size is faster than before because it is smaller than before. There is no word yet on whether bundles for apps already available on the Play Store should be made.

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