How to partition a hard disk partition

For those who want to partition their own hard disk, For those who want to duplicate a partition, here’s how to partition it. How many GB was your computer hard disk before partitioning? First of all, you need to know how many partitions you can handle.

Hard Disk Size: 500 GB for Windows OS. 120GB is provided for software installation. If the software you are installing is not manually selected, it will be installed under C on Windows. If you want to install more software, you can divide the C section by looking at your hard disk size.

D partition My Data Video book 310GB is provided for storing personal data such as photos. E partition software is a partition that stores installer software. The F drive is a dedicated partition for Windows backup. The last one is the partition that stores everything related to the Linux OS.

If you have a small hard disk size, you must have at least two partitions. This is because if there is only one C part and Windows OS crashes, all the data stored under that C, such as Documents, Downloads, Videos, Pictures, etc. will be deleted. Before installing Windows, Windows developers should check if there is any data in Documents, Download, Video, Pictures, etc. under Windows.

You can also access this PC / My Computer by right click \ Manage \ Storage \ Disk Management. Suppose your machine has only a C partition with a 500 GB hard disk. Right-click on the C section. Alternatively, right-click on the part you want to duplicate. When you see the Unallocated Space, right-click it and select Shrink Volume. In the picture, I show the C part. Let’s say 195GB in two parts.

Below that you will find the size that you can split this 195GB into. The total size of 199998MB is 177276MB. Out of 199998MB, 22722MB has Windows OS. As a Windows 10 Fall creator update, it takes up almost 22 GB of space. Multiplying 88638MB by 2 gives you 177276MB. Enter the desired size in the 88638MB field. In GB, it will be 82GB.

Click Next when the size is set. In the Assign Drive Letter or Path, enter the letter D, E, F, G, etc. You can not give what you have already given. You can give the existing letter another letter and then give it the letter you want. Then click Next. When the Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard appears, click Finish.

This is normal partitioning. Partitioning for a server is more complicated because there are more hard disks. If you do not know how to do this, you can use third-party software.