Tips for laptop computer users

1. Use a laptop computer on a flat surface. There is a hard disk running on the computer. Sometimes a slight shaking may not be a problem, but constant shaking may not be to your liking. The hard disk can be short-lived Every time you use your computer, check that all four legs are aligned. Avoid moving too often while using your computer.

2. Make your computer airtight. Laptop computers are easy to heat up because they have to fit all the internal components in a very narrow compartment. The processor and hard drive are the most affected by the heat. Therefore, if you use a laptop computer, install a bottom fan.

3. Do not place the computer in areas where there may be a magnetic field; Do not use it. Magnetic fields can affect the performance of a laptop computer. Therefore, refrigerators, TV sets, inverters, Do not use the computer near UPS.

4. Do not expose your computer to direct sunlight. a laptop computer is designed for outdoor use, but not for use in the sun. Sunlight can increase the temperature of the machine, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun can damage the machine in the long run.

5. Do not place any heavy objects on the computer. Most laptop computers are said to withstand loads of up to 25 kg. It is a situation in which a normal-sized adult is squeezed by the hand. But it can only be tolerated for a short time. Also, be careful not to drop anything on the computer while using it.

6. Where there is extreme heat and cold. Avoid using the computer in humid places. Laptop computer when the weather is too hot. Outside the house during freezing temperatures Avoid carrying. It affects the normal functioning of the computer. Also, do not use the computer in a rainy place when it is raining.

7. Computer display with water; Do not use other liquids. Liquid cleaners called LCD Cleaners are used to clean the surface of laptop computers Entered from the country. Some cleaner kits even contain spray cans. Computer screens Can not be sprayed directly with spray.

8. When not in use, remove the battery from the laptop computer. If you have an uncharged battery installed on your computer while using home electricity, it will shorten the battery life. Therefore, remove the battery when it is not needed. Make sure it is fully charged before removing it.

9. Protect your computer from being compromised. Laptop computers are designed to protect the internal components from being accidentally dropped from a height of 2.5 feet when turned off. But it’s better not to let go.