11 reasons to switch to windows 11

It has been more than a month since Microsoft officially introduced Windows 11. For those who want to try it out, there are two channels, Dev Channel and Beta Channel, and you can also download the Windows ISO file. Therefore, this article will show you 11 reasons why you should switch to Microsoft Windows 11. For those who are still using Windows 10 and are considering upgrading, this is a good idea.

(1) User interface that is more similar to macOS

Windows 11 has a completely redesigned UI design over all previous versions of Windows other than Windows 10. The main change is that the taskbar at the bottom of the screen has been changed to look like a macOS dock. The application menu has also been redesigned to be simpler and more usable.

(2) Universal Media Control

Windows 11 will also feature Universal Media Control, a system-level control feature for music and media playback. As a result, all open music and media controls are displayed as notifications in the Action Center. Whether you use Spotify or not. Whether you are just watching a YouTube video, it will be more convenient.

(3) New Microsoft Store

In the past, you had to download and install a separate .exe file to run applications on Windows. Although there was a Microsoft Store, there were few applications available. But in Windows 11, the Microsoft Store design has been completely redesigned and more applications are available than ever before. If you are using Windows 11 later, you will be able to download the desired application from the Microsoft Store instead of installing the file.

(4) Android App Support

Windows 11 has the new Microsoft Store, and another advantage is that you can install and run Android apps on Windows 11. Microsoft has partnered with the Amazon App Store to use the Android app, which requires an Amazon account.

(5) Widget

Windows 11 has reintroduced widgets as a separate panel. Regular Clock Calendar and To-Do List, as well as the latest news. It is also expected that third-party widgets will be easily added later.

(6) Auto HDR & Dynamic Refresh Rate For Gaming

Windows 11 will also be a better OS upgrade for gamers. This is because it will have an Auto HDR feature that automatically enables HDR while playing games. It also includes a Dynamic Refresh Rate that automatically adjusts the screen refresh rate depending on the content used.

(7) Redesigned File Explorer

Windows File Explorer is arguably the least changed feature since Windows 7. But in Windows 11, Microsoft has completely redesigned Windows File Explorer. This makes files easier to see and easier to manage.

(8) Faster Windows Update

Microsoft also claims that Windows 11 has been updated to make Windows 11 faster and more convenient. The file size to be updated will be 40% smaller than before, and when installed in the background, it will not cause more CPU workload than before.

(9) Redesign User Interface

Windows 11 has not been redesigned with the external user interface of macOS, but with redesigned settings and details. For example, laptops will have a separate battery section, and you can see how much battery life you have and how long you can use it.

(10) Integrated Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is also a successful software for work meetings while working from home. In the past, Windows 10 had to be downloaded separately to run Microsoft Teams, but now Windows 11 integrates Microsoft Teams. Therefore, if you want to use Microsoft Teams, you can do so directly from the Taskbar.

(11) Improved Virtual Desktop Support

For those who want to use virtual desktops in Windows 11, this has also been made easier. Virtual desktops can now be renamed and reordered in Windows 11. Not only that, but you can also set wallpaper on each desktop, so you can create a completely separate workspace. Here are 11 things you should do to upgrade from your current Windows 10 to Windows 11: There is one