Do’s and don’ts for every computer user

1. Never (at) any liquid beverage, such as coffee, soft drinks, or water bottles, be placed near a computer or computer desk.

2. When using a laptop computer, turn it off and then slowly turn it off after checking for any hard objects or other objects on the keyboard.

3. Clean the computer screen frequently.

4. Use a cooling fan, especially under laptop computers.

5. Carry laptops with you in a laptop bag. Avoid carrying this item by hand.

6. Avoid always turning on your computer without using it.

7. When using CD / VCD / DVD discs, re-insert the drive, inspect the disc carefully, and insert it gently.

8. When using USB cables/sticks, be sure to install the USB heads carefully downstairs. Do not do the installation by guessing.

9. Do not post anything on computers.

10. Do not put food on the computer table.

11. Do not place computer chargers or power cords under the seat or on sidewalks.

12. Do not use the computer on the bed without any support (air conditioning fan).

13. Clean the air vents/vents next to laptops frequently with a soft brush.

14. Do not unplug your computer without a power shutdown.

15. Use a computer desk that is high enough to keep your eyes on the monitor. Do not make it look down. Now that you know the do’s and don’ts, fix your mistakes now.