Happy realme four year anniversary celebration

The 828 realme Fan Festival, which is the fourth anniversary of realme, was celebrated with R-Fans. The 828 realme Fan Festival, led by realme Myanmar, was held on August 28th. Held at Lotte Hotel, Sapphire Ballroom. At the 828 realme Fan Festival, R-Fans, users who are really interested in realme smartphones, were honored. R-Fans who attended the 828 realme Fan Festival found realme under the theme Keep It Real. R-Fans shared with each other what made them like the realme smartphone.

After that, Wei Phyo Aung, the head of brand commutations of realme Myanmar, explained the history of realme and the realme brand phone models that have been sold since the beginning of realme Myanmar. One of the special programs for R-Fans was an R-Fans exclusive MLBB gaming contest, and the winning team; Prizes were awarded to participating teams and MVP winners. Next, R-Fans teamed up to create Keep It Real with colored lotions and real meow to paint the image. R-Fans and realme officials together celebrated the four-year anniversary of the realme brand with realme cake and R-Fans said prayers.

Some of the realm’s die-hard R-Fans also shared their fan stories at the realm’s 4th anniversary 828 Fan Festival. Today, I am excited and happy to have the opportunity to gather together with all the fans. The realme model I started using is the realme 2 Pro. As for how I bought it, the phone I was using at the time was quite old. I went to the store to buy a new phone. I didn’t decide to buy the realme brand.

At that time, I didn’t even know the realme brand. The price is about the same as the phone I planned to buy. However, I liked realme more in terms of specifications and phone design, so I bought it. Another thing is that the name realme is a new brand because it feels youthful, but I started buying and using the realme 2 Pro. The main hope for future realme products is that the high-end phones are much more convenient. There is a desire to add more new features to the Go Edition for low-end phones. Realme UI is already liked.

Currently using realme UI 3.0. If you have to imagine the realme brand as a person or gender, I see it as unisex without discrimination. Living like a fashionable young man. I always want to try new things. I will also love sports. I see that he is a casual young man. Now, I want to pray for the 828 Fan Festival, which marks the 4th anniversary of realme. I want to pray for the 4 years and the next 40 years of progress, more new fans, and better products. I also participated in many events of realme. Today’s game is very special. It’s real me’s 4th anniversary 828 Fan Festival and I’m very happy to be back together with everyone.

The first realme product is the realme X. His designs, I used them because I liked the camera and UI. In future realme products, the camera set-up parts, Fast-charging systems, I hope it gets much better in terms of UI. We hope to win the hearts of more R-Fans with better products. If I were to describe the realme brand as a person, I see it as a trusted brother. The kind of person who always helps me whenever I need it. age 18, About 19. I like to take pictures and I like to use social media. I would like to wish you all the best for many years to come from this 4th anniversary,” said Ko Hlaing Win, who has been using realme products for more than 3 years.

“I am very happy to be able to attend the 828 Fan Festival, which is the two-week celebration of the realm’s 4th anniversary. I am also proud and happy to be recognized as a close family member of realme. How did you come into contact with realme? At that time, I wanted to try realme UI 1.0, so I bought the realme X. Since then, I have liked and used realme, and now I am a die-hard fan who has been using up to realme GT 2 Pro. Realme products are reasonably priced and are a really fun brand for middle-class people like us. What do you expect from realme in the future? Products like laptops