Steps to use for gearboxes in auto gear cars

Most cars nowadays only use automatic transmission. Auto gear cars are becoming more and more popular with both men and women, as they are easier to drive than manual transmissions without the need for manual gear changes. But if you drive an auto gear car, I think you need to know about the gearboxes on auto gearboxes. This time, we will show you how to use the P, R, N, D, 2, L gearboxes in auto gear cars for car lovers.

(1) P (Park)

P (Park) is the number one gearbox seen in auto gearboxes. P is the gear that should be used when the car is parked. This helps prevent the car from moving when the engine is turned off. However, it is safer to use the handbrake when parking on slopes.

(2) R (Reverse)

The second number in the gearbox is R (Reverse). The R is used as a number to use when you want to back up and park your car. In high-end models, the R rear gear is displayed on the dashboard LED screen via the car’s rear camera when the R gear is applied, allowing for safe reversing.

(3) N (Neutral)

Below R is the gear number N (Neutral). N (Neutral) is, in other words, gear-free. If the N gear is applied, the car will not be in gear at all and will be in No gear. Some drivers wait in the N gear because they do not want to press the brakes for long periods of time when the traffic light is red.

(4) D (Drive)

As all drivers know, if you want to start driving, you have to shift into D (Drive) and the car will roll forward. As soon as you shift into D, the car will roll slowly without having to step on the lever.

(5) 2 (Second)

Below D is the letter 2. The two-speed transmission is a system that primarily maintains the speed of the car, not exceeding the speed limit. In addition, erect climbs; In places like mountaineering, 2 is usually driven.

(6) L (Low)

The last one is L (Low). L (First Gear) is also called the Great Gear. The L is essentially used in areas such as uphill and downhill, where the engine may struggle a bit.