It has been 16 years since apple introduced the iPhone

The product called iPhone is a combination of the iPod and phone, and it was released to replace the iPod when the sales of the iPod were declining. Currently, the iPod lineup is no more, although the iPhone is almost two decades old, it is still a successful Apple device. It was released in 2007. In the beginning, iPhones were designed to be dialed with round buttons in the style of the iPod, but it was not natural, so it was released using a touchscreen display.

The iPhone was designed by former Apple designer Jony Ive. The engineering team suggested to Jobs to add a physical dial pad, which was fashionable in 2007, but Jobs rejected it and went with the full touch screen design. We can discuss which model of iPhone you are using and which iPhone is your favorite. Apple’s iPhone The Crash Detection that came in 14 has stirred again. The first time was from some playgrounds in the US where crash detection alarms and messages asking for help from emergency services arrived. It seems that Apple’s crash detection system thought that the phone users riding the roller coaster were involved in vehicle crashes, and the emergency services were automatically contacted. In other words, false alarms occurred.

Right now, ski towns in the US are receiving many emergency SOS requests from Apple devices. Some of them are really necessary and some of them are false alarms. Some of the skiers put their phones in their pockets and don’t know about the emergency SOS requests. Really sending love. You may remember Air Power, which was introduced with the launch of Apple’s iPhone X. Air Power is a wireless charging pad with a concept that allows you to place your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods anywhere on the charging pad. Its method is not like ordinary charging pads, but it uses wireless charging coils throughout AirPower. It is said that it is because they cannot solve the problem of overheating without releasing it, but Apple was able to introduce the more crazy MagSafe with the iPhone 12. If only AirPower was released, it can be said that MagSafe is a technology that will appear. Only the W Charging system can be supported.

Google’s list of the most searched for 2022 has come out, and the unusual one is Apple’s iPhone 14. In the most searched list of 2022, the iPhone 14 was placed at the number (8). It seems that people are quite interested in the iPhone 14, but when it was actually released, the iPhone 14 was not much different from the iPhone 13. Only the iPhone 14 Pro has new features. On the other hand, looking back, it can be guessed that the influence of the iPhone cannot be underestimated. Apple has been praised for maintaining people’s interest in the iPhone for more than a decade since 2007.