We are about to introduce Realme C55 the best meeting in history

Realme C55, which is the best and most upgraded in history, will be introduced on March (22nd) and is starting to accept pre-orders. To tell the truth, when the characteristic attribute of being a champion is still being formed, the champions of life are starting from zero conditions, gradually building up and climbing to the top. They try to build with a relentless spirit and break through limitations.

Champions always bring something new or exciting to us. Following the tradition of champions, Realme will introduce the new C Series product, Realme C55, on March 22. In addition, pre-orders for Realme C55 can be obtained at real stores nationwide by paying a deposit of 30,000 Kyats, and those who pre-ordered will be able to enjoy a Sport Water Bottle (10,000 Kyats refund).

The Realme C55 combines the best hardware and software as the champion claims, with 256GB of internal storage and a 64MP champion camera. The original 8GB RAM capacity is also supported by Dynamic RAM Expansion technology, which will allow a total of 16GB RAM capacity to be used. In the design part, it is full of innovation and has been created to look like raindrops falling, and you can choose the golden Sunshower color and the black Rainy Night color. It will also be the first C Series to support FullHD resolution with a 90Hz refresh rate on a large 6.72-inch screen.

In terms of performance, the Helio G88 Chipset is used to provide more gaming experience, as well as the 33W charging system for fast charging, which allows the 5000 mAh battery to be fully charged in more than an hour. As a special feature, Realme C55 will include a new feature called Mini Capsule, which will be able to use the Noti system, which will go back to both sides of the punch-hole selfie camera. Charging the phone through the Mini Capsule Data usage etc. will be displayed as a notification. The product slogan, Unmatched by 256, Realme C55, which is called 64 and bright, will be available for purchase in the market as soon as possible after March (22) when it will be introduced.