Samsung myanmar introduces the latest folding screen smartphones and new products

In the launch event named “Unfold Your World“, Samsung Myanmar launched the latest products, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Watch5 / Watch5 Pro, and Galaxy Buds2 Pro. The Galaxy Z Flip4 has been reinvented based on Samsung’s successful iconic design, with more innovative functions in its original compact design. Enhanced camera experiences; Designed with larger battery capacity and more customization options.

A design structure that can be changed as needed depending on the use. With large screens and powerful multitasking capabilities like a computer, the Galaxy Z Fold4 has arrived in front of users as today’s most complete smartphone. Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch5 has upgraded key functions for users’ everyday activities. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro, another of Samsung’s most advanced Galaxy Watch, has been designed to be complete and durable, adding the most user-friendly functions.

The latest Galaxy Buds2 Pro introduced by Samsung for 2022 also has a new compact design. It will be able to provide a wireless listening experience that users can enjoy along with the ability to easily connect and use in any kind of activities of daily life. For those who want to pre-order the new flip phones, pre-orders are now available at Samsung Myanmar from August 11 to September 1, 2022. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 smartphone, which will cost 4,759,000 Myanmar Kyats, can be pre-ordered in 3 attractive colors (Phantom Black, Gray Green, and Beige).

The Flip4 smartphone can be pre-ordered for 2,959,000 Myanmar kyats. Both smartphones will be available for purchase in 5G version like other international markets, and for the convenience of those who pre-order, Samsung Myanmar will fully accept the Mobile Banking payment system, and pre-orders from all over the country will be able to use CB Bank’s SES/IPP Store to purchase installments without interest (0% interest) for up to 6 months.

In addition, those who pre-ordered Galaxy Z Flip4 or Z Fold4 smartphones, in addition to the special gifts mentioned above, will also be able to enjoy a special discount of 20%-30% through the Eco Bundle Promotion program if they buy more Galaxy Watch 5 / Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. In addition, as pre-orders, special services can be enjoyed for one year as well as No Worry Crack service, and 50% of the cost of materials and labor for repairing damage to the internal screen of Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 smartphones, and up to 100% discount on the external screen each time (from the date of purchase to one year) can be experienced.

In addition to the services and benefits mentioned above, Samsung Myanmar also offers pre-orders for Galaxy S Series and Note Series smartphone models (Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 8, and above), as well as iPhone X smartphone models and above, to exchange their smartphones for the latest foldable phones by investing only the required amount of money. In addition, as an additional gift, 300,000 Myanmar Kyats will be given to Galaxy Z Flip4 buyers and 400,000 Myanmar Kyats to Galaxy Z Fold4 buyers.