Do not post anything on the dashboard

Putting toys on the car dashboard Worshiping only idols. Fragrance. Loading bottles; Installing phone stands Putting flower pots Fancy beauty There are a lot of other sauces coming from the top. Recently, deities, flowers, More and more people are worshiping idols full of carcasses

Items should never be placed on the dashboard; It’s very dangerous to load things on the dashboard. The SRS AirBag (Supplemental Restraint System) in the car should not be loaded on the dashboard. Most high-end cars now have at least two, four, six, or eight airbags. The driver sitting in the front of any car these days.

How does the Airbag System work? How an Airbag System Works All of the above components work together. The first Crash Sensor provides more information to the Airbag Control Unit by calculating the speed and severity of the crash in the event of a collision. This causes a chemical reaction inside the airbag to cause the airbags to swell.

Crash sensors are usually equipped with a Mass-Type Sensor. Roller-type sensors are commonly used in cars. East Front Bar Car engines It is usually installed in the middle. At this point, I think you have a rough idea of ​​how a car airbag system works. Once you understand this, you will automatically understand why you should not load items on the car dashboard.

It is not as if the airbags in the car are inflated, as some people think. In the event of an accident, a very high-speed, high-velocity chemical explosion occurs inside the airbag, causing the airbag to inflate. Items placed on the dashboard of the car can be blown away with airbags, endangering the lives of people inside the car.

Even if these devices do not harm people, they can disrupt the process of inflating airbags. In the event of a collision, protection inside the car may be reduced. Therefore, using a variety of devices on a car dashboard is very wrong and dangerous behavior. I mean, the car seat belt. The seatbelt is the main protection in the event of a collision, not the airbag in the car. As I explained above, this is why the Airbag System is called the SRS airbag. The main function is not the airbag; This guy is a backup.