How to find a phone number using a calculator

This time, it’s a girl’s attention for boys. Here’s a great way of drawing attention to yourself. This is not about hacking a girl’s phone number without the girl’s knowledge. It’s like tricking someone you don’t know into a phone number in front of him like, “Yes or no?” It’s falling.

(1) Tell the girl that you can tell your phone number using only one calculator.

(2) Ask her to open the Calculator app on her phone.

(3) Tell her in advance. Let her know that she has to type in the calculator herself and that you will tell her without looking at her phone screen.

(4) Remove the area code (in Myanmar 09) and type the first 3 digits of the rest of the phone number into the calculator. Do not even look at what he is typing.

(5) Multiply the three numbers entered by 80.

(6) Add 1 to the result.

(7) Then multiply by 250.